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Singer Billy Aylish and his brother and composer Finace have created history by winning a Grammy Award for ‘No Time to Die’. This is the theme song of the upcoming 25th film No Time to Die by James Bond Series. The film was scheduled to release in April 2020 but due to Kovid-19, its release date has been changed to eight October 2021. The song ‘No Time to Die’ was released on 13 February last year. For the first time in a Grammy, the song has been given an award before the release of a film. The song was previously dropped from the nomination list, but the ‘Grammy Sound Track’ committee changed the rules to include it again in the list, given the impact on the film’s release due to the corona virus global epidemic. .

This song by Billy Aylish has won the award in the category of song for ‘Visual Media’. At the same time, rapper Megan Thi Stallian received a Grammy in the Best New Artist category. Emerging on this occasion, Megan thanked her late mother. Megan’s mother died of a ‘brain tumor’ in 2019. Subsequently, Megan also received the award in the ‘Best Rap’ category for ‘Savage (Rimix)’ alongside pop star BeyoncĂ©.

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