10 Best 2021 Billie Eilish Hot Picture That Make You Happy

10 Best 2021 Billie Eilish Hot Picture That Make You Happy?
Billie Eilish is the most hottest singer in the world and he is the most popular singer in his age but some of her hot pictures viral on social media so today blog we are sharing you Billie Eilish 10 most hotaet image so guys hear is the all images.


London. American singer Billy Eilish has cast his anger on fake fans, who earlier this month targeted him while leaving from a talk show, accusing him (fans) of ignoring him. According to sshobiz.com, a 17-year-old singer of ‘Lisa Before I Go’ can be seen hooting the crowd for her as she waits as she waits for the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show. Autographs did not stop for fans to sign.

Billy said in a post on Instagram, “The only reason for making this video is that I saw all this spectacle in one video and I just want to clarify what really happened.”

He said, “Because if you watch the video, it seems like I am completely ignoring the group of fans and not even doing them hi, when that was the case.”

Billy Eilish further stated that the people who are targeting him are not real fans of him, but professional autograph hunters who are trying to make money from his signed autographs.

He said, “I thought it appropriate to move on from there, because I feel that there is no one of these people who cares about anything that has anything to do with me personally.”

The singer said that she went there just to say hi and hug people, but she did not see any love for herself, so she left. (IANS)

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